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Job Vacancy: Content Strategist & Developer Wanted

Since its inception 2 years ago, Design Jenius has risen from its humble beginnings as a one-woman graphic design services business agency, without even a website, to the rising giant now capable of receiving and handling hundreds of graphic design requests each week from businesses, individuals and organizations not only in Nigeria and Ghana but also from any English-speaking country worldwide.

Job Description

As our clientele base is always expanding and increasing, we’ve been getting a lot more work than we can quickly handle. So, we are looking to add more experienced content developers & strategists to work with our in-house content management team to update and manage our growing content requirements.

We are on a hunt for skilled content strategists & developers across Ghana. You will be working on-site under the supervision of an in-house senior content manager of DesignJenius.com.

Who is a Content Developer & Strategist?

  • This is not a content writer or copywriting job role. Content strategists & developers’ roles entail more skill sets and experience.
  • They should be able to write excellently but their responsibility does not start and end with writing.
  • It starts way before writing in the planning and research stage which includes identifying the communication goal, medium for various target audiences’ demography, distribution channel etc.
  • And it ends in the peripheral of on-page and on-site search engine optimization and the basics of digital marketing.
  • If you are not aware of the roles of Content strategists & developers, then this job is most likely not for you.
  • Nevertheless, you should go read and research Content strategists & Content developers; maybe you have the skillset and are already playing this role but didn’t know what it is called.
  • We are looking for someone who is very experienced and can demonstrate it through their past roles in the professional work field.

Role: Content Strategist & Developer
Type: Full Time (not remote)
Location: School Junction, Ashaley Botwe, Accra

Role Requirement: Very skilled and experienced
Company: Mid-Stage Startup (no going back)

Your first task will be to implement planned features to our JeniusPlays – Contests & Giveaways web app. And to integrate its data with our partner and sponsor – DevWorld Tech Academy’s mobile app.

Sometimes you will work on projects alone; other times, you will work with in-house teams, third parties, and even freelance teams.

Salary Range: GHC 2300 – GHC 3200 (negoiatable)

The exact amount will depend on what you have to offer and what you have to bring to the table. Diverse up-to-date knowledge, strong production stage experiences, accurate business mindset, startup mentality, effective low cost strategies, strong skills, etc.

Can you think critically and execute an idea from start to finish?

  • Can you organize ideas in a logical way?
  • Do you have a clear tone and style?
  • Do you understand their audience?
  • Is your content easy to read?
  • Are your sentences well-constructed?
  • Is the information in your content clear and simply told?
  • Are all of these things consistent in your content from the beginning to the end of every piece you write?

Do you have other skills required for Content strategy & development?

  • SEO content writing and sales copywriting skills
  • Solid SEO skills by Ahref and Simple SEO by Moz
  • Solid Keyword research skills
  • Good communication and rapport skills
  • Are you a great, courageous writer who understand people and their motivations
  • Do you understand the technical side of content creation

How to Apply

Submit the form below to apply so that we can add you to our team.

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