Book Editing & Proofreading Service

You’ve spent hours writing your manuscript, and now you’re looking for an experienced editor to get you to the next stage.

Nice to meet you!

We are seasoned book proofreaders, writers, critique and expert editors.

Are you looking for someone to efficiently, professionally, and accurately edit your book or manuscripts for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization? By landing on this page, you are on the right path.

Whether you are self-publishing or submitting your manuscript to a traditional publisher, you can rest assured of having your book thoroughly edited by true professionals.

With a life-long passion for storytelling, and a critical eye, our book editors will edit your work so it’s the best version it can be. With us, you won’t only have a polished end result, but you’ll also get effective writing tips for the future.

We edit fiction and non-fiction. Place an order or send us an inquiry, and we will do our best to offer a fair deal based on your word count. We edit anything from short stories to full-length novels.

You will see our work with Microsoft Word Track Changes or on Google Docs in Suggesting mode.

Our book editing and proofreading services will fix:

  • Grammar, punctuation & spelling
  • Readability and flow
  • Sentence structures
  • Comma Usage and Splices, Capitalization
  • Consistency in formatting, tense & voice
  • Misused words

Here is a breakdown of our service:

  • You place an order and send us the document, article, book, etc (.doc, and .docx formats only)
  • We will deliver the final edited copy of your document along with the original document edited using the Microsoft Track Changes feature.

For books with over 30,000 words, please contact us to create a custom offer.

Editing Books for Kids and Younger Readers

When you write a book for kids, an editor is needed to ensure that the book is suitable for children. The text should be straightforward, simple, understandable, and stimulating for kids.

Books meant for kids are delicate because children have highly impressionable minds. Therefore, we will committedly proofread and edit them, making them exciting for the audience – children.

We will check grammar, punctuation, flow, sentence structures, consistency, readability, etc.

We will deliver:

  • One document with suggested edits using MS Word Track Changes.
  • You will receive unlimited access to us for asking questions after delivery.

For all your book editing needs, place an order today.  Contact us for a custom order or any other needs you may have. Please see this page for all our writing and translation services.

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Can't find a package for you? You can place a custom order. Chat with us or leave us a message using your customer dashboard >> You can also send us an email using to describe your custom needs.

Can’t find a package for you? You can place a custom order. Chat with us or leave us a message using your customer dashboard. You can also send us an email using to describe your custom needs.