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Break through the noise with a well-crafted, succinct press release that highlights your company’s announcement or campaign. Creating a buzz is an important step to growing your audience and customer base. Allow us to deliver a press release that journalists will recognize and consider for their publication content. Let’s get started.

Based on your needs, we will write an engaging press release for your company’s announcement or campaign. You provide the brief and we will write accordingly. Working collaboratively, we will ensure the release suits your needs and exceeds your expectations.

You will receive an attention-grabbing press release that drives awareness of your brand, product, or service in the UK, US, European, Africa, and other media around the world.

Our writers are PR experts who have been featured on podcasts such as Entrepreneur on Fire and have written for a number of publications including Tiny Buddha, The Newsette, eHarmony, and countless more. Some of them have also been featured in Glamour, VICE, the Huffington Post, and Mend to name only a few.

Our pool of PR experts have had over 10 years of experience in business and attracting media coverage, and in addition to helping our clients do the same, we understand the importance of an expertly crafted press release.

Having worked in many industries including lifestyle, personal development, wellness, experiential, beauty, fashion, marketing, and dating, we are comfortable and confident writing on an array of topics and audiences.

Our writers are highly experienced and versatile public relations professionals who have written over 5,500 press releases in the last 10 years. Many of our clients work with us repeatedly because we deliver press releases and writings that get noticed in the media.

We will write you a 300 – 5000 words press release that can get you media attention.

It will include:

  • A catchy headline – grab the eye of readers
  • An informative sub-head
  • A “lede” paragraph that tells your story the way you want it to land.
  • A cool executive quote.
  • A call to action (e.g., Web URL)
  • Company boilerplate with social media links. (Your company’s logo can also be added if requested)
  • Your Press Release can also be distributed for an additional cost.

We can also edit your existing press release.

By placing an order, you will receive:

  • A press release that is ready for media distribution
  • Unlimited revisions
  • An SEO-optimized press release
  • A copyscape-cleared press release
  • A release title AND subtitle
  • Expert recommendations
  • Access to us for hashing out a long-term press plan


We will write about virtually any topic, except press releases about supplements, gambling, adult themes, CBD/Cannabis, or any legal or morally questionable topics

Thanks again – we are excited to work with you!

So if you are someone with a business or project that has a new announcement to make? This gig is the go-to resource for those on the hunt for more brand recognition.  Get seen with an original, professionally-written press release that captures a reader’s attention and converts it to a sale.

With our writers’ combined over 20-years of career in public relations, advertising, and digital marketing, they have written thousands of press releases for every type of business. We have announced everything from books, movies, and music, to new advances in medicine and technology. We have written lifestyle pieces on pets, people, real estate, and travel. Readers want to know who you are, why you’re here, and what you have to offer in the easiest way possible. 

Let’s simplify that process. Let’s build your brand while we capture your new customer base.


Do you want to promote your business, product, service, event, offer, book release, music, game, app or just about anything to a huge audience?

Let us create a Buzz about your Brand with a Press Release!

Get more visibility, credibility & authority for your brand.

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Can't find a package for you? You can place a custom order. Chat with us or leave us a message using your customer dashboard >> You can also send us an email using to describe your custom needs.

Can’t find a package for you? You can place a custom order. Chat with us or leave us a message using your customer dashboard. You can also send us an email using to describe your custom needs.