Earn With Us

We are blessed to have lots of loyal customers who love our products and services. We are blessed to have users and clients who appreciate the effort, capital, and care we invest into ensuring that we always deliver above and beyond all expectations.

And blessed to have you who are considering collaborating with us as we endeavor to deliver nothing but the best of ourselves in the industries, markets, and countries we operate in. Below we have listed the various means you can work and earn with us – Design Jenius.

There are multiple ways to earn with us, whether you are a:

  • Blogger, Vlogger, or Social Media Influencer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Writer or Author
  • Translator
  • Partner or Supplier
  • User, customer, follower, or fan


1. Contest & Giveaway

On a regular basis, we host and run several contests and giveaways. Some of them are sponsored by us directly and others are sponsored by our partnering companies and institutions. We also have contests and giveaways that other organizations pay to host on our platform. You can earn by participating to win any of the cash, products, services, scholarship, etc prizes, and awards made available for the contest or giveaway.


2. Earn With Your Platform

As a communication and digital marketing company, our customers’ and users’ goals are to reach and get exposure to their ideal target audiences, whose needs are solved by their products and services.

Hence, the core of our services is to help our clients achieve their marketing and sales goals. To do this, we collaborate with various platform users and managers along with the general public in a win-win arrangement where everyone gets what they want and is happy.

We already have platform owners and managers we work with. However, we are already always open to welcoming more collaborators. And below we have listed some of the methods through which they earn with their platforms through us:

  • Social media shoutouts, mentions & promotions
  • Guest Post, Press Release, & PR publications
  • Social media content sponsorship
  • Long term collaborations – Brand Ambassador or Brand Influencer
  • Joint ventures for mutual growth
  • Affiliate Promotion with link or code

If you are a platform owner or manager such as Blogger, Vlogger, Social Media Influencer, etc; you can earn with your platform by collaborating with us.


3. Earn With Your Skills

Okay, maybe you don’t have a platform yet. Don’t worry, you are not left out in the cold, you can still earn with us using your skills. We have very trained and experienced in-house staff and employees to serve our customers effectively.

However, since our customer base is always growing so quickly, we have set up remote freelance teams who will assist us in delivering excellent, quality, and reliable service to our clients. These teams are managed and supervised by experienced in-house executives in our departments. These executives are to ensure that customers’ tasks are done on time, with expected quality, and without any privacy infringement.

Our doors are always open to talented, motivated, and ambitious individuals who are ready to take on the world to achieve their dreams. If you believe you are such a person, you can earn with your skills by working with us.


4. Equip Yourself to Earn with Us

What if you don’t have any of the skills we currently need? Maybe you do, but you know it’s not up to standard. You are also not left behind, we have got you covered. Through our partnership deals with DevWorld Tech Academy, we are rested assured that at a very affordable cost, anyone who wants it can receive quality tuition with strong practicality and workplace readiness instilled in the study program. So you can gain or refine your skills at DWTA.


 5. Partner to Earn with Us

You may be a startup, a small business, or a fully established organization. We can earn together through partnership deals and cooperation. We have quite a number of such mutually beneficial agreements with other business entities around the world. If you have any in mind for your company, feel free to get in touch with us at [email protected] for further interactions. And even if you can’t think of a partnership deal at the moment, you are welcome to purchase any of our products and services for a delightful experience.