Get Free Stuff – Sweepstake / Giveaway Prizes

We love giving but we can’t give to everyone at the same time. And how are we to know those who deserve our gifts more than others? So, contests, sweepstakes, and giveaways are a fairly good and fun way to hand out these available free stuff.

1. Get Free Website 

This is not a contest / giveaway. Immediately get your business or personal website now.

2. New Laptop Prize Giveaway/Sweepstake

DevWorld Tech Academy is initiating and sponsoring a GRAND PRIZE in a Brand New Laptop Giveaway.

3. Scholarships Prize Giveaway/Sweepstake 

DevWorld Tech Academy Scholarship Giveaway

4. Design Services Prize Giveaway/Sweepstake

CONTEST – Dream Team Challenge (#BestTeamSelfie)

7. Priority Remote Content Writer Prize Giveaway/Sweepstake

CONTEST – Storyteller Challenge (#STchallenge)

8. Translation Services Prize Giveaway/Sweepstake

GIVEAWAY – Free Translation Services (Q & A)

9. Writing Services Prize Giveaway/Sweepstake

GIVEAWAY – Free Writing Services (Q & A)

10. Customized T-shirts Prize Giveaway/Sweepstake

GIVEAWAY – Free Customized T-shirt Package (Q & A)

11. Free Website Prize Giveaway/Sweepstake

GIVEAWAY – Win a Free Website (Q & A)