Giveaway Hosting Platform to Gain More Exposure & Sales

Giveaway Hosting Platform to Gain More Exposure & Sales

In recent years, companies and businesses have attempted various ways to bring attention to their brand from social media followers.

A medium that’s is fast growing into becoming most commonly used is the implementation of contests & giveaways. Over time, this implementation has been used to build trusting relationships with customers, boost online brand engagement and also build email lists.

Social media giveaways are an effective tool that, when used properly, can efficiently increase your marketing. After all, who doesn’t like to win? A brand that hosts contests and giveaways will most likely have two out of three people who are willing to recommend it.


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Why Host a Giveaway

No matter the size of your business, a social media promotion executed through contests & giveaways will help you increase follower engagement, establish your brand awareness, and create the buzz you desire.  

Engagement refers to any interaction that occurs on your social media platform. Commenting, liking, sharing, and/or tweeting your content all fall under customer engagement.

Creating a social media giveaway that is interesting to your audience will significantly increase your customer engagement.

Furthermore, increasing Brand Awareness can be achieved by hosting contests & giveaways as they give people more chances to see the brand or product. In addition, it also gives individuals that don’t follow you already the opportunity to hear about you from those engaging with your brand through their entries.

Take for example, if someone tags a friend in a promotional post for them to win, that becomes a type of word-of-mouth advertising. Thus, there are increasing chances of others seeing your brand, even if they are strangers to your brand or product.

Your giveaway can create a buzz. How? By selecting a highly coveted prize, you can convert strangers to potential customers. As a result, you stand out from your competition. So, get creative!



Wait… There’s More

Here are some other reasons to consider running a giveaway:

  • Grow your social network. Running contests & giveaway is an awesome way to build your social media following.
  • Generate more leads. Contests & giveaways are secret weapons for great lead generation
  • Cost-Effective. Hosting a contest or giveaway can be low and predictable. Just create a budget the prize, marketing (also decide how to go about it), and the time you’re wiling to spend on managing it.
  • Gain exposure for your product. Launch your product/service with a giveaway. And generate more buzz around your brand. Also, placing your product as the prize is a good way to get people excited about it and also try it out.
  • Give back to your fan base. Most importantly, running a giveaway is a good way to show your appreciation to your brand’s loyal fan base.
  • Save time & headaches. You don’t need to have a lot of technical knowledge to run a contest. In addition, creating and launching a giveaway promotion takes relatively a short amount of time. DesignJenius has made this process fast and easy for you.
  • Have some fun. Everyone loves to win. And it’s a joyful thing to be delivering the good news to your winners.



How to Host a Giveaway on Design Jenius

Our hosting platform is a great place for individuals or business owners who want to run giveaways, contests, or sweepstakes for their audience.

To host a giveaway on our platform – – there are two main ways to do this:

  • Subscribing to having additional membership rights per month
  • Paying for a spot to host your contest/giveaway


Available Services Pay per Giveaway Basic Premium
Dedicated Contest
yes yes yes
Voting Feature Enabled? yes yes yes
Number of Giveaways 1 1 Unlimited
Maximum Duration of Giveaways 2 weeks 1 month Unlimited
Pricing $25 / giveaway $25 / month $40 / month

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