How to Get Guaranteed Regular Traffic to Your Website or Social Profile for More Exposure & Sales

How to Get Guaranteed Regular Traffic to Your Website or Social Profile for More Exposure & Sales

By Frank Chisom, Branding, Growth & SEO Expert

The content about Web Traffic, Exposure, and Sales discussed on this page is as delivered by Frank Chisom, a brand, growth & SEO strategist who has worked with and assisted businesses and brands in the United Kingdom, Ghana, Cyprus, Nigeria, Angola and other countries around the world. We are proud to have him on our team with a retainer contract as we serve our customers knowing that they will be getting not but the best for their businesses and brands.

Who cares about web traffic, sales, SEO, and backlinks? We all do, but in slightly different ways and for very different reasons. If you own a website or a social media profile, then hits and traffic to your posts and pages are what you crave the most. Unlike the week-day morning city commuters during rush hour.

So, whether you are a freelancer, an influencer, a small or large business selling your services, physical or digital products online, we all need traffic. You love and want web traffic because you know more traffic equals more exposure. Hence, leading to more sales and followers as an immediate benefit in the short team. And a strong brand awareness as a long-term benefit.

Since we are all so in need of this amazing phenomenon; to make reasonable progress, we must tell ourselves the truth.

There is no FREE traffic, as there is no free lunch.

Deep down, we all know this but we usually choose to bury our heads in the sand hoping that this truth will go away. Honestly, if you claim not to know this truth, then why do you usually require a kind of compensation whether in cash, kind, relationship (future favour owned), or when it’s clearly to your benefit, to post or feature a third party on our high traffic website or social account?

Thus, you and we know it costs money, time, or both to grow regular a following and traffic. These costs could be direct or indirect but they are always there.

Alright, now that we have admitted and accepted this not-so-exciting truth, how do you generate regular traffic and exposure in a cost-effective way?

First, you have to understand the various channels of traffic, as explained below. and how to leverage them for your benefit. You should consider some of these channels as long-term investments without fast results but having great benefits down the line. And some as short-term investments, yielding faster results, but not a means you can confidently depend on forever.

But in any case, you have to realize that they are both important and needed.

Short-term traffic channels give you hope and encouragement to keep pushing, knowing that your work is not in vain. While long-term traffic channels stabilize and establish you and your business online. They are your insurance assuring you that no matter what happens, you will most likely never return to the days of the beginning, the days of zero traffic; the days of no traffic.

 Top 4 Regular Traffic Channels & How to Drive Traffic to Your to Website or Social Profile

Now you have understood what traffic is worth and what it really costs, it’s time to look into the top four traffic source channels and how to leverage them for yourself, your brand, and your business. If you didn’t read the explanation above, please do so to effectively understand what is being discussed below.

Search Engine Traffic Channel

, — organic search, Direct Paid search, — seo, content marketing, guest post,

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Direct Traffic Channel

, — strong growing brand awareness, customer portal, after sales service & engagement, existing customers, offline marketing-paid direct traffic

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Referral Traffic Channel

— orgainic refferal, direct paid refferal, — content marketing, guest posting, social referral, earn media, press release, affliates refferal link–

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Social Media Traffic Channel

— Organic Social Media Traffic Channel,Direct Paid Social Ads, Giveaways, Contests, Social Media Marketing, Organic Social, Collaborations, Influencer Marketing, Social Content Marketing, Social Media Management – comments, replies, setup, Social Branding – thumbnail, cover image, profile pic,

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