Graphic Designers Interview Guidelines

We have been receiving a lot of applications. So, to assist us in deciding on who will be added to the team, we have provided some guidelines below. You have to take part in and complete the following contest that is running on our platform.

Random Design Brief Contest

A random design brief has been generated and provided. Your task is to fulfill the client’s requests as creatively as you can while sticking to their important desires.

We have provided the rule, requirements, and expectations. So to join and participate, click the button below.

Why this Approach?

  • It’s a fun way to interview remotely. If you have the right mindset toward work, employment, and client projects, it will be fun for you too.
  • This contest helps us remotely test your skills and experience.
  • It also allows us the opportunity to see what the public says about your work
  • It allows us to see how professional you are in presenting your work, meeting deadlines & following instructions.

There are also other contests & giveaways that are being run on the platform. To showcase more of your skills, you can create an account and participate in as many as you want AND win the prizes for them.

You should join for these and any other reasons you can think of:

  • This gives us a chance to understand you better and what you can do.
  • You get to meet and interact with new people during the contest
  • It’s an opportunity to support your friends and relatives by voting for them to win.
  • It will be fun
  • Anyone can win, you too – You can win any of the cash prizes or a chance to be added to our priority list of remote freelance designers each week.
  • The work of selected designers will be publicized across our platforms.

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